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 Lasers for marking>>AO-I-1064

 AO-I-1064 infrared laser for laser marking

Average power 1-20W with air cooled.
1~200kHz wide repetition frequency range and high marking effciency
With first pulse suppression function, suitable for sensitive materials
For various kinds of translucent button marking
Surface treatment of composite materials
Fine marking of metals and nonmetals

Translucent button dedicated!

Wavelength (nm) 1064±1
Work pattern Q-switched
Model AO-I-1064
Average output power (W) 1-20
Single pulse energy (µJ) 1-600
Pulse width (ns) <[email protected], <[email protected], <[email protected], <[email protected]
Peak power  (kW) ~30kW
Pulse repetition rate (kHz) 1~200kHz (can be adjust by external control)
Power stability (rms, over 8 hours) <1%, <3%, <5%
Warm-up time (minutes) <10
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <1.0mrad
Beam diameter at aperture (mm) ~4. 0mm
Beam height from base plate (mm) 113mm
Operating Temp. (℃) 15~35℃
Cooling-down method Air-cooled
Laser head size 460.5(L)×103(W) ×120.4(H) mm3
Power supply (220/110VAC) PSU-AOM power supply 320(L) ×302(W) ×137 (H) mm3
Expected lifetime (hours) 20000
Warranty 1 year
Pilot light 5mW @650nm
 Marking samples

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